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The energy business of tomorrow.
CEP.Energy partners with commercial and industrial property owners to enter rooftop leases and fund, develop and operate clean energy and storage assets. CEP.Energy will accelerate Australia towards its renewable energy targets.
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The Energy Business of Tomorrow
Rooftop and Ground
Lease Income
CEP Funded &
Improved Property
Measurable Environmental 
Clean Energy
Lower Cost

Australia’s grid is increasing in variable renewable sources - battery storage is required to match the rapid growth in renewables.

Commercial, industrial, and retail buildings consume a lot of energy and are under-invested in renewables.

CEP.Energy solves this.

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Renewable Microgrids
Virtual Power Plants
Utility Scale Storage

The Clean Energy Partnership Platform

Long term rooftop
and ground leases.

An end-to-end energy solution that provides incremental rooftop lease revenue, increases property values, lowers energy costs, attracts and retains tenants and drives the sustainability and environmental ratings of property assets.

Lease your unused roof and ground space, today.

Attractive environmental

Investment partners obtain direct access to clean energy and storage projects with long term, stable, risk adjusted returns and measurable
ESG benefits

Invest in Australia's energy future, today.

Clean energy
projects at scale.

CEP.Energy funds and develops large scale and distributed microgrids, rooftop solar farms and distributed and large scale storage on commercial and  industrial assets across Australia.

Transform Australia's electricity grid, today.

Lifetime ownership and operations.

CEP.Energy owns, operates and maintains clean energy assets across their entire life to take energy market and asset risk out of our partners' hands and maximise asset performance across a lifetime.

Count the long term benefits, today.

Australia can be a global energy superpower with a future electricity grid that is smart, stable, renewable and distributed.

The Clean Energy Partnership Platform is accelerating Australia's energy transformation and delivering benefits to the economy, community and environment for today and generations to come.

Take the next step towards our energy future.
Energy Security
Large scale, distributed solar and storage for long term affordability and supply.
Environmental Security
Accelerated renewable generation to decarbonise our electricity grid.
Financial Security
Attractive investment in Australia's energy transition with stable, long term returns.

Respected by
our platform partners

"CEP takes a long term view on their investment giving our tenants lower prices"

"CEP benefits our tenants by providing them with lower cost power. CEP takes a long term view on their investment giving our tenants lower prices for power from day one."
Ross Pelligra,
Chairman, Pelligra Group

"A win for tomorrow
as well as today"

“We’re a next-generation energy company with a strong focus on renewable energy. To be involved in a cutting-edge solution for the commercial and industrial sector is particularly exciting for us. It’s a solution that will lower costs while paving the way to a lower carbon future. A win for tomorrow as well as today.”
Rob Owens,
CEO, Smartest Energy

"A breath of Fresh Air"

"CEP’s vision and determination to transform the failing national electricity grid with distributed renewable generation, whilst driving down costs to tenants and reliance on a volatile electricity market is a breath of fresh air. We are excited to be their primary energy consultant, project and operational embedded network partner of choice utilising our vast experience to bring their vision to fruition."
Scott Black,
Sales & Marketing Director, Energy Intelligence

"Future energy solutions
to today's businesses"

"CEP.Energy are as passionate about energy as they are about results for customers. They are true pioneers and are bringing future energy solutions to today’s businesses."
Sallie Bowtell,
Partner, Moray & Agnew Lawyers

"Unique commercial mindset to renewable energy"

"CEP brings a unique commercial mindset to renewable energy and material long term outcomes for Narellan Town Centre and our tenants. CEP worked seamlessly with our team to develop the largest retail renewable energy project in Australia faster than we expected, with minimal fuss and without disrupting our 220+ tenants and 190,000 shoppers per week. We are excited to count the financial and environmental benefits of CEP’s solar and storage assets over the next 30+ years.."
Brad Page,
General Manager, Dart West Retail

"Accelerate the renewable energy transition"

"RACV Solar is thrilled to partner with CEP.Energy to deliver large scale solar and storage projects, such as Narellan Town Centre, that make a significant contribution towards Australia’s net-zero target. We share CEP’s passion to develop game-changing projects for the Australian market; providing new revenue for landlords, lower cost, renewable electricity for tenants, while stabilising the electricity grid in a critical growth corridor. RACV Solar looks forward to working closely with the CEP Energy team to further accelerate the renewable energy transition."
Andy McCarthy,
Chief Executive Officer, RACV Solar

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Take the Next Step

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Rooftop and Ground
Lease Income
CEP Funded &
Improved Property
Measurable Environmental 
Clean Energy
Lower Cost