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Advanced Energy
Powering Industry

CEP.Energy, like you, is not your average business. We deliver bespoke energy systems that provide reliable low cost power to industrial business parks and their tenants
Now rolling out to select business parks

We provide Advanced
Energy Solutions that combine Renewables, Energy Storage, Grid Power and Intelligent Microgrids

Reduce your energy costs today. Take the lead.
Customised to your operational requirements
Funded, operated & maintained by CEP
Reduce your
business energy costs

Our Network Infrastructure

Pay Less
for Grid Energy

Single point of network connection connects the microgrid to the energy network. We aggregate consumption on behalf of tenants to gain access to lower power prices

Network Supply

A solar array is installed optimally on the building’s roof space to best match the energy consumption profile of tenants. Harnessing the sun’s energy powers the microgrid and reduces reliance on the existing network supply

& Piece of Mind

Dynamic and innovative localised energy storage of renewable energy provides ongoing reliability and sustained supply to your business. Measurable cost reduction aids your business growth

for Your Business

An embedded microgrid with real time data and AI-driven energy flow between solar panels, battery storage and the external grid network. Our smart network delivers optimum cost, reliability and sustainability outcomes for your business

Your dynamic business needs an energy system that cannot only keep up with demand but also grow along side you

Don’t be held back by old systems and prices that can’t adapt with your needs.
Lower Cost. Aggregated, grid assisted
and harnessing the sun
Reliable Supply. Autonomy
and blackout protection
Measureable Renewable Energy.
Gain insights to enhance your brand.

Adored by
our partners

"CEP takes a long term view on their investment giving our tenants lower prices"

"CEP benefits our tenants by providing them with lower cost power. CEP takes a long term view on their investment giving our tenants lower prices for power from day one."
Ross pelligra,
Chairman, Pelligra Group

"A win for tomorrow
as well as today"

“We’re a next-generation energy company with a strong focus on renewable energy. To be involved in a cutting-edge solution for the commercial and industrial sector is particularly exciting for us. It’s a solution that will lower costs while paving the way to low a carbon future. A win for tomorrow as well as today.”
Rob Owens,
CEO, Smartest Energy

"A breath of Fresh Air"

"CEP’s vision and determination to transform the failing national electricity grid with distributed renewable generation, whilst driving down costs to tenants and reliance on a volatile electricity market is a breath of fresh air. We are excited to be their primary energy consultant, project and operational embedded network partner of choice utilising our vast experience to bring their vision to fruition."
Scott Black,
Sales & Marketing Director, Energy Intel

"Future energy solutions
to today's businesses"

"CEP.Energy are as passionate about energy as they are about results for customers. They are true pioneers and are bringing future energy solutions to today’s businesses."
Sallie Bowtell,
Partner, Moray & Agnew Lawyers

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